Her Small Pretty Soles Look Perfect In Nude Nylon Pantyhose

In this video you will see our new model Lola. She is a petite blonde with a very small foot size. She is an inexperienced model, but she told us that she enjoyed posing for our website. In this video, Lola is sitting on a bed. She is wearing a short black dress, and she is wearing transparent, very thin nude-colored tights. Through these tights you can very well see her toes, her wrinkled soles and her toe nails. By the way, in this video she has a fresh pedicure – red polish. Throughout the video, the camera captures her feet from very close up. You can imagine shrinking down and becoming a Lilliputian who is looking at the feet of a giantess from a very close distance and also inhaling the scent of her feet.

Why do you think many men love nylon tights so much? What’s interesting is that modern women rarely wear nylons, instead they prefer to wear regular socks, although we believe that socks are strictly a men’s wardrobe item and women should wear nylon stockings or tights. Pantyhose make female feet much more attractive and beutiful!

Her small pretty soles look really nice in these nylon pantyhose! By the way, girls never wear pantyhose that thin. They usually wear much thicker ones because they keep them warmer. But for our shoot, of course, they agree to wear such thin ones. Throughout the video, Lola wiggles her toes, crosses her feet, and extends her toes towards the camera. The video was shot in 4k quality, so you can see all the details of her beautiful feet! We also want to remind you that you can order custom made videos from us. We will shoot a foot fetish video according to your script. Email us at valova220@gmail.com.

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