Girl With Amazing Soles Teases You With Her Feet

Anna is simply a golden nugget. This girl has simply amazing soles and feet, and in this 4k video, she is ready to show them to you! She does a real feet tease, especially for our website! She never did it before, and initially, she told us that that kind of scene would be too much for her because she is quite conservative. But during the shooting, we managed to convince her that it is entirely ok and there is nothing dirty in performing that kind of moves and showing her amazing feet and soles in that way. We explained to her about many feet enthusiasts who will be very happy if they had an opportunity to see wrinkled soles of such an amazing woman. Anna is a professional model, and she didn’t want to do it, but as you can see now, finally, she agreed. We are thrilled that we were able to shoot this feet-scene video with her!

This video consists of a few parts. In each piece, Anna shows her feet in one particular way. She stands on her kneed on the sofa, shows her long beautiful toes to the camera, and demonstrater her high arch from the side. She wears a pretty golden anklet and a few toe rings. In this video, she has black nail polish on her long, delicious feminine toes. This woman has an average height, and she has small feet (size 38 EU). We found this model on Instagram and found many pictures she was accidentally showing her feet. There was even a photo where she plays piano and pressed the pedal with her foot. When we saw her arch on this photo, we decided that we will do everything to convince this girl to take part in our foot fetish video shooting!


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