Loretta Shows Her Beautiful Big Feet And Soles

Here is the first video with our new feet model Loretta. She was very excited to participate in this shooting. In this video, she wears a beautiful evening pink dress that fits her perfectly. She has cute red toes and a little bit of dirty feet. At the beginning of the video, she will sit on the floor, leaning on the sofa with her back and demonstrating her wrinkled soles and pointed toes to the camera. The camera will be filming everything from a very close distance so that you will see her feet in all the details. She will wiggle her toes and change the position of her legs, putting them one on another.

Then she will change the pose and will sit sideways to the camera. She will stretch her legs and rub them against each other, exposing her perfectly soft skin. Finally, she will finish the video by showing her soles directly to the camera, squshing them and moving.

Model: Loretta
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 22.02.2020
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