Foot Fetish Tease Video, 4k Quality, Pink Toes

If a foot fetish tease is your forte, then this is the right video for you. The model goes by the name, FeetMask and she does a fantastic job at leaving you craving more. As the video starts, you can see she is lying down on a queen-sized bed with floral sheets and a Soft duvet cushioning her body. The room is softly lit through the Lacy drapes at the window, with the light beautifully falling on her creamy tan skin. She has a smoky eye shadow that matches her long blonde hair with brown highlights. The light-colored hair contrasts with a bright orange top with a plunging neckline that accentuates her sexy collarbones. She has tattoos on both sides of her collarbones and one on her wrist. This feet video was made in perfect 4k quality!

Her long legs are laid down on the sheets with a very short denim miniskirt to match the bright top. She props herself up on the bed with her elbows with fingernails painted black and adorned with many rings. While still keeping a solid gaze on the camera, she intensifies her foot fetish tease and rolls around the bed. You can even catch a glimpse of her underwear as she changes her position on the bed. The camera then zooms in on her feet painted in a gorgeous pink color. From this angle, you can see that she’s wearing an anklet as she arches her feet towards the camera. She turns her body around to rest on all fours and looks at the camera while wiggling her toes. From this angle, you can see that she has a whole sleeve of tattoos and one more on her thigh. She finally sits up and points her feet to the camera showing a little more of her long sexy legs and feet.

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