Food Crushing Video With Beautiful Blond Girl

Do you like food crushing? Isn’t it amazing to watch the pretty girl with sexy feet smashing the fruits all over the floor? We love this too! That’s why we have a separate type of action here on, which is fully dedicated to this amazing this! In this video, our beautiful feet model Jinny does exactly this! She crushes some bananas and strawberries with er feet and pretty soles. At the beginning of the video, she is doing this while sitting on the chair. She starts by stroking the banana with her toes; then, she starts to press on it slightly. And then she starts to destroy and smash it!

In this video, she wears nice sand-colored clothing. She has pretty light pink nail polish on her cute toes. This girl has one of the best female feet the world had ever seen! This knows how to pose and how to show her feet from the best possible angle and side. This was her first food crushing video, and she told us that she enjoyed doing this very much! She even did not want to stop after we stopped the recording of the video, and she wanted to lick the fruits off her feet.

Jinny is a very talented feet model. We will work with her in the future too. In our upcoming videos, she will do much more food crushing videos with other types of food, such as candies, donuts, and pastry. Feel free always to share your feedback about our content with us! She will do it not only with her bare feet but also while wearing sexy high heeled sandals and shoes. We love high heels very much! I hope that you share the same passion as we do! In this video, Jinny has fresh pedicure and pink toes.


Model: Jinny
Nail polish: Pink
Release date: 30.05.2020


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