Feminine And Sensual Foot Fetish Model Shows Her Soles

The heroine of this video is Xenia. She is a young girl with red long hair and many tattoos on her beautiful slender body. She is a professional model. This is her main job. In this video she has a fresh pedicure, soft soles. Her nails are painted in white color. It looks really good in summer. She’s wearing lingerie. She has bright beautiful makeup that emphasizes the beauty of her face. The video is 7 minutes long. Xenia is in a light-filled room, she is sitting on a carpet. At the beginning of the video, she sits sideways to the camera with her legs crossed. She strokes her feet and legs with her hands, the camera follows her every movement. The camera takes close up shots of her soles, toes and the beautiful arch of her foot.

This girl has a small stature, perfect athletic body. In the second part of the video, we see her feet from a first-person perspective. She is crossed, Xenia is moving her toes. They feel like licking them. But one of Xenia’s toes we see a gold ring. This video was shot in beautiful 4k quality. Xenia really likes her work. She always dreamed of becoming a professional foot fetish model and finally her dream came true. She immediately agreed as soon as we invited her to participate in our project. We are sure that Xenia will continue to please us with her beautiful wrinkled soles, high instep and beautiful flat toes. Remember that you can always order a custom video with one of our feet models! Just contact us via – valova220@gmail.com

Model: Xenia
Nail polish: White
Release date: 14.06.2023
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