Feet Tease By The Pretty Girl On The Bed

We believe that feet tease is the form of fine art in the same way as ballet, pole dance, or any other type of choreography. When do women know how to use their feet to seduce the men is very important, and real feet lovers will value this skill the most. Who doesn’t want his woman to have this amazing skill and talent? Our model Alina knows her to do it, and she shows what she can in this high-quality 4k video. She lays on the bad, wiggles her toes, moves her legs in different directions to allow you to observe her sexy feet from all the angles. The camera will film her from different sides, zooming in and out.

She wears a summer light red dress, which always goes up, exposing her long and well-shaped legs, ankles, toes, and soles. Feet tease is one of our favorite actions on feetwonder.com, so we try to teach our girls how to do it properly and beautifully. Some men prefer very active movements, but some of them want to see slower ones because it allows them to concentrate on details more. Alina does it in the average speed; she doesn’t move too often but not too rare either. She totally enjoys what she does.

During the video shooting, she told us that she never met any guy in her life who had a passion for female feet, but she heard about that kind of fetish before. She is a very open-minded lady without any prejudices against it. We value that kind of attitude very much, although from our experience we can say that most of the girls are not sharing that kind of thinking and they believe that obsession with feet is something strange, creepy and dirty. But we know that they are wrong!


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