Feet Model Shows Her Soles And Toes, French Pedicure. 4k Video

Every part of a woman is beautiful, including the toes and soles. They get more attractive when painted in different shades. They look amazing even with clear polish, like after a French pedicure. This short clip shows just that, and if you have a thing for sexy soles and toes with French Pedicure, then it’s a must-watch video. The model’s name in the video is Nona. She has light brown hair and light grey-blue eyes. Nona is sitting on a red chaise lounge with a dark background. Because of this, you can see her features clearly, and the setting captures your attention.

The beautiful model is wearing a sexy black outfit resembling a one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit. She has a pair of anklets in a gold shade, and they enhance her feet even more. As said earlier, Nona’s toes are French-pedicured, offering a fresh look.
When the clip starts, Nona looks directly at the camera and displays her pretty feet and soles.
She wriggles the toes and puts one foot on top of another. She caresses each foot with the other, and it looks pretty relaxing.

Next, she sits on the edge of the chair and displays her long and sexy legs by putting her feet on the floor.
As the camera approaches her feet, Nona places her toes, and now you can see how pretty her arches look.
She twists and turns around her feet from side to side and one foot in front of the other. The act may be simple, but Nona does it with confidence, and that makes it sexy and attractive.
Anyone who is into ladies’ feet will find this 7-minute video exciting. When a lovely lady with a killer figure and legs shows off her soles and toes, the combo is delightful, and we hope you love every minute of it.

Model: Nona
Nail polish: French
Release date: 02.10.2020
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