Feet Model Natalie Shows Her Sexy Legs In High Heels. 4k Video

If you think that nothing can surprise you, prepare to be amazed at what our model Natalie does with her sexy legs in high heels. Starting on a maroon couch with her feet on the ground, Natalie is sporting a super high ponytail with bangs that fall around the sides of her face. She’s wearing an intense cutout neckline top with denim shorts that cut off right at her thighs so you can see her beautiful long legs. Her feet are adorned with sexist strappy high heels resting on vintage hardwood floors. Without any delay, the camera straightaway focuses on her feet and shoes. From this shot, you can see that she has a fresh pedicure of black nail paint that goes with the color of her heels perfectly. She’s seen playing around with her heels, moving her legs back and forth.

Without zooming out, Natalie gets up on her feet, so now both her feet are in full view on screen. She’s lifting both her feet slightly to create an even higher arch while still wearing heels. She’s also moving around the hardwood floors while lightly tapping on the floor with her heels. After this, she moves to her side so you can see her feet from the side view, then she does a complete 180-degree turn to show the soles of her feet just peeking through her heels. 

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the next shot of Natalie is her bare feet. She’s on her tiptoes, walking on bare floors and showing her sloes full of wrinkles from her tiptoe position. If you’ve ever been on the lookout for videos that show hot models with sexy legs in high heels, watching this video of Natalie is all you need to satiate the hunger. 

Model: Natalie
Nail polish: Black
Release date: 27.05.2020
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