Amazing Feet Model Feetmask Poses On Heels And Barefoot

In this video, Feetmask will pose both on high heels and barefoot.

At the beginning of the video, she will show you her long legs while wearing beautiful strappy high heeled sandals and an anklet. She will stretch her legs, stroke them against each other and do different poses. After that she will take the shoes off and tease you with her soft soles, wiggling her toes and playing with you. Then the camera will take a nice closeup of her perfect pink toes. She also will wear the toe ring!

After she will put her legs on the chair and just pose barefoot, allowing the camera to inspect her perfect feet in all the details. This girl definitely knows how to use her assets to make the men crazy!

Also, note that the “MEMBERS” sign is only present on the teaser. If you become a member of our website then you will be able to see this gorgeous woman without it.


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