Cute Teen Shows Her Smelly Sexy Soles, 4k Video

Lena is our new incredibly beautiful young foot fetish model, who was very happy that we invited her to the shoot. Lena told us that she has had guys with foot fetish and they really liked to lick and caress her feet, and she herself takes great pleasure from it, as it raises her self-esteem, is flattering and makes her feel good. Lena has very smelly sexy small-sized soles, which is what turned her guys and men on the most. Lena knows this and is not at all embarrassed about it, as she understands how important it is to foot fetishists.

In this video she sits on the floor, stretching her beautiful long legs forward to the camera, and the camera captures them from two angles. From the front and a little from the side. Her toe nails are painted red, she has a very high rise of the foot and wrinkled heels. Lena looks at the camera, flirting with her eyes and smiling. She is clearly very comfortable and well, enjoying the thought that plenty of men will later look at and admire her smelly soles.

Lena is wearing short blue shorts, her skin is velvet and very soft. It’s obvious that she’s taking great care of her beauty because she wants to be a professional model. Well, we can congratulate her on being on a real foot fetish shoot for the first time. It’s definitely a very important step in her modeling career. We are very glad that Lena has no prejudices and sees nothing wrong with filming for a foot fetish site and showing her sexy feet, toes, and soles.

Model: Lena
Nail polish: Pink
Release date: 31.12.2022
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