Cute Teen Feet Model Is Crushing Cookies On High Heels, 4k Video

Do you like watching cute teen models crushing cookies while standing in high heels? Then you’ll love this 4k video, because we know how to satisfy the most demanding foot fetishists. In this video, you’ll see our beautiful, adorable and incomparable girl Inna stomping cookies with her beautiful feet for eight minutes. She will destroy these cookies completely. Camera will be shooting her from all the angles, as always, you will be able to see her sexy feet in all the details!

She is dressed in a very light summer dress that accentuates her figure. Her body is just perfect! She has long beautiful legs, an angelic face and beautiful lips. In this video, her toenails are painted red. She gave herself a fresh pedicure right before the shoot. Inna didn’t wash her feet before the shoot, immediately put on high-heeled sandals and we got to work. Her feet smell really good and she knows it.

Inna, like most of our models, did not know about the existence of the foot fetish before this. She’s only 19 years old, has little experience, and hasn’t met men like that yet in her life, but she said she’d really like to meet a guy who enjoys caressing her feet, soles, and toes.. We are more than sure that she will easily find this guy! Everybody likes teen models in high-heeled sandals and this is really cool. Inna told us that she was very tired after this scene. Of course she was, because Inna did a great job for this 4k video!

Model: Inna
Nail polish: Pink
Release date: 29.01.2023


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