Cute Small Wrinkled Soles And Blue Toes, 4k Video

What’s better than seeing beautiful pictures of feet on the Internet? A 4K video of cute small wrinkled soles! If cute small wrinkles soles get you excited, this is the video that is sure to send you reeling with satisfaction.  Imagine this, the model is wearing a vibrant blue swimsuit activewear. It is a one-piece so you can see all her curves, starting from the top of her blonde hair to the ends of her toes that are painted in an alluring turquoise color. For sure the image is burning brightly at the back of your mind. And it only gets better from here! 

With both her feet propped up on the table, she is leaning back on her chair and showcasing the full length of her athletic long legs.  She begins to move the top half of her feet towards the camera which makes it look as if she was standing in a tiptoe position. This back and forth movement creates cute little bumps and lines on her cute feet. The model is also wiggling and curling her toes softly which creates cute small wrinkled soles.  To add to the charm is the turquoise-colored nail paint on her toes. The unique color is what attracts viewers to her feet even more although she has an equally amazing physique. She leans forward and reaches out slowly to touch the ends of her shin to the back of her ankles and runs her freshly manicured fingers through the soft wrinkles of her sole. She never stops curdling her toes back and forth as she creates these beautiful lines on her feet and touches each one with her fingers softly.  At this point, you can see all the folds of the wrinkles from the front and the back view which is all captured impeccably in the video.


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