Cigarette Crushing In High Heels, 4k Foot Fetish Video

If you’ve always wanted to experience top-class professional feet videos on the screen, this is the perfect one for you. Look no further because this 4K resolution feature will make your junkiest adventures even more special. It’s not unusual to prefer a specific genre of video. A beautiful, sexy woman wearing high heels crushing cigarettes is such an enticing image that we’re sure people will be curious to see what happens in this video. The model has adorned a soft pink bodysuit that comes in a whole sleeve length, covering both her long arms, all the way to the fingers where there is space to let the thumb through. This fun thumb hole one-piece rides up relatively high on her hips, almost like a thong, showing off her beautiful tan lines. This girl is caucasian, but if you like sexy Asian feet – we have that kind of video too!

Moving down much lower from her eyes, she’s wearing a pair of the most seductive stewpot high heels in black. The whole scene paints a rustic royal picture with a side of sensual. She takes one step at a time with strong, confident strides on the mellow hardwood floors. You can see a pile of cigarettes on the floor, which she walks over, and you almost think she missed the step, but she rolls one over with her shoe. Now she starts to get down to business and step on the cigarette stick to break it and smooshes it down with the heel of her shoe. With this camera close-up, you’ll see that her toes are painted in a beautiful blue shade. When you think it’s over, she steps on the rest of the cigarettes and breaks them all apart, smoothing them down with the balls of her feet this time. The video ends with both her hands propped on the wall and her back to the camera while twisting her body right and left with her high heels crushing cigarettes.

Model: Natalie
Nail polish: Blue
Release date: 22.12.2021
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