Blonde Girl In The Pose Shows Her Wrinkled Soles

For those who want to enjoy a video of a Blond girl in the pose, why not take it a step further and watch it in 4K resolution? This video looks impressive because of the High definition and the model. Amanda does a terrific job at posing for the camera. She sure knows how to work her angles to her advantage. At the beginning of the video, you can see how she’s lying down on her stomach with her feet hanging in the air. She’s holding herself up with her elbows and smiling at the camera as you notice her long blonde hair effortlessly falling over her shoulders.  Amanda shows off her black and red manicures with stones on them, which match the maroon couch she is lying down on. Her black tank top and denim shorts are an excellent choice for her curvy physique. She has really sexy and highly arched feet!

All the while, you can see her smiling right at the camera. She has on very minimal makeup, but that only does more to accentuate her natural beauty. As the lens zoom in on her feet, you can see that she’ has painted them in stunning red color. She arches her feet forward to create beautiful wrinkle lines and shows you a sneak peek of her nail polish. The camera proceeds to move towards her back, and you’re blessed with a new angle. From here, you can see how her blonde hair covers most of her back, covered in a sexy black lace that’s part of her tank top. She sits up in her calves to show only the back of her soles, which is a sight to see. It sure is gratifying to watch Amanda on-screen because who doesn’t want to see a Blond girl in the pose? Watch this video and quench your thirst for Amanda. 

Model: Amanda
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 17.11.2021
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