Girl With Big Sexy Feet Plays With Soap. 4k Video

There are different people in the world. Some prefer small and tiny feet, but many also like big sexy feet. Our new model Annette has a big size (41 EU, 10.5 US). This is her first-ever video shoot. She is not a professional model but just a simple girl next door who decided to participate in our session. Especially for us she mad a fresh french pedicure which fits her very well. Unlike most of our models, this girl knew about the existence of foot fetish, so she was not surprised when we offered this opportunity to her. In this video, she wears a pretty black home kimono.

In this scene, she plays with a bottle of liquid soap. She pours it on her feet and soles, smears it all over, and lets the soap to drip down from her sexy big sexy feet. She was excited and happy to do it. She said that it is was a really entertaining and interesting experience. And she was glad to provide that kind of show to those people who appreciate and enjoy it. This video was an excellent thing for both our team and Annette. She told me that she would like to make one more video like that.

We always try to use natural light because the quality of the videos is much better in this case. This scene was made nearby the big window so you will be able to see all the details. This girl is very young. If you wish to see more mature wrinkled soles, then you can find them in our extensive video collection. Currently, we want to understand how do our members react to videos with soap. So, if you have any feedback, we will appreciate it! Feel free to share it with us, and we will do our best in the future to provide you with the best content!

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