Girl With Big Sexy Feet And Toes Walks In High Heels

If anyone believes that bigger is better, they’ll want to look at this clip, for sure. Indeed, big is just about the perfect size for the gorgeous black-haired bombshell in this video. Fans will keep wanting to hit replay after devouring their eyes on her big sexy feet and toes. Dressed in a sleek light gold minidress with gold lace detailing, the girl here looks drop-dead beautiful. She’s a sure beauty with her bold red lip and smoky eyes. It would not be difficult picturing her as a sexy Bond girl in a spy movie. Her long and wavy hair adds to her effortless sensuality.

Watch her big sexy feet and toes as she walks in a straight line taped across the floor in her slender black strapless heels. She’s got her nails painted in rich black, matching her heels, hair, and stunning tattoos. As the camera gives a close side shot of her big arched feet, viewers can see just how shapely and sexy they are. As she walks up to the camera, the front shot shows traces of veins appearing from the arch of her feet. They’ll hardly be blinking with all the beautiful angles she’s serving.  Her feet crisscross so smoothly, arched and perfectly exposed as she walks back and forth the line. Viewers can see her lovely soles as she stops every turn to allow a good look at them. To make things more interesting, the sumptuous Bond girl changes to a pair of fabulous velvet lavender high heels. It makes her feet look so regal and sexy. She’s left the straps undone to allow admirers to see her delectable ankles and feet as clearly as possible. Watch her give her fans a good show of her big and sexy feet and toes in her new pair.

Model: Eve
Nail polish: Black
Release date: 28.07.2020
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