Beautiful Legs And Feet, Walking On High Heels

Anna has very beautiful legs and feet, and she likes to show them to those who know what real art is. This girl was never participating in that kind of shootings before; we were the first studio who made this offer to her. Initially, she didn’t know that there a website entirely dedicated to the beauty of female feet and soles. Shooting with this girl was very easy and pleasant because, from the very beginning, she got the main idea about how to pose and show her legs properly. We explained to her that the most beautiful part is the arch, and it has to be shown to the camera from the best possible angles. As you can see in this video, Anna did a great job doing this! Also, we want to mention that she knows how to walk on high heels and not to fall down while doing this because sometimes it is quite hard to balance if you need to walk on the narrow line.

In this video, she has black toenails and an anklet, which enhances her beauty even more. At Feetwonder we really like all kinds of feet jewelry like toe rings and anklets. In this video, Anna walks on the line using two different pairs of high heels, a black pair, and the red one. After that, she takes them off and does the same walk while being barefoot.
The camera slowly follows her beautiful legs and feet from above, doing nice and precise closeups. It gives a viewer an excellent opportunity to see all the details in extra fine 4k quality. She shows her pretty toes and wrinkled soles after she ends the walking part and sits down on the coach the pose a little while sitting. This feet models surely knows how to take care of her feet!
Model: Anna
Nail polish: Black
Release date: 06.03.2020
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