Beautiful Female Feet In High Heels. New Model Natalie.

What could be better than beautiful female feet in high heels? It is debatable, but some may say that nothing! At, we strongly believe that female feet are the masterpiece of nature, but high heeled footwear is something that enhances the grade of this beauty even more! When the girl wears, high heels get transformed. Her back straightens up; her legs become longer; her posture becomes more feminine. Sad but nowadays, fewer and fewer women wear high heels because they believe that it doesn’t wort their efforts, and they are not willing to experience any discomfort just to please the men around.

But don’t be upset! At least on the pages of our website, you will find plenty of high-quality videos with most beautiful feet models who are eager to wear this uncomfortable type of footwear for your aesthetical pleasure! Our new model Natalie is one of them. She has tiny feet, size 35 EU (4 US). That’s why her arch looks exceptionally high when she wears that kind of sandals. We explained to her all the details of feet posing, and she understood the mechanics of it very well. This video is evidence of it!

In this clip, she sits on the couch, showing the length of her amazing legs and beautiful female feet in high heels. She crosses them, stretches them out, and shows the beauty of her feet from all the sides. During the video, she will try two different pairs of high heels, slowly change them, and have a short walk. Our camera will follow all her steps giving you the best possible opportunity to experience this pure visual delight. The video is made with the natural light only; the skin tones are perfect; all the small details are visible. Natalie wears a fresh red nail polish on her sexy toes.

Model: Natalie
Nail polish: Red
Release date: 08.03.2020
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