Barefoot Redheaded Girl Sits At The Table And Shows Her Soles

Barefoot redheaded girl, Xenia is a very experienced foot fetish model. She has been photographed for many different magazines, websites, and other resources. She knows how to properly and beautifully show her beautiful soles, feet, and toes. She knows how to drive men crazy with the beauty of her long and elegant legs, as well as her cute smile.

In this video, the camera will capture her soles from under the table. Ksenia sits at the table and reads something on her phone, while the camera is below and shows you the best and tastiest angles. Xenia’s toes are painted with white nail polish and she just recently got a fresh pedicure, so her feet are in perfect condition. We know very well how to choose the right models for our 4k videos. During the shooting, Xenia told us some interesting stories from her professional life. It turns out that there are a lot of interesting things in models’ work!

Xenia is one of the few models who knew about such a phenomenon as foot fetish before the shooting. This is not surprising, considering her vast and extensive experience. In the video, Xenia will cross her feet in different ways, move her toes, as well as stretch her toes. This barefoot redheaded girl will drive you crazy! Her foot size is very small, just the way we like it! She will be a delight for any connoisseur of beautiful women’s soles and feet.


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