Barefoot Blond Girl Plays With Her Feet In High Heels

Who doesn’t love a good shoe change action? The video of Riley as a barefoot blonde girl is nothing short of extraordinary. It has got the best of both worlds- multiple sexy shoes and even a barefoot section. Don’t miss out on this; watch it right now! She starts the video off with a sexy pair of red sling-back heels with her sores showing just a bit. Almost like a tease, she plays with her shoes by gently caressing her long legs with them. She’s wearing a one-piece black suit with lace details on the chest area. With a criss-cross tie-up design, you can see her sexy cleavage when she turns to face the camera.

Riley sits on an antique Arabic carpet for the first half of the video, showing off her long legs and high heels while resting her whole body with her arms. This sexy feet model is very attractive and cute. Her long blonde hair falls past her shoulders in soft curls as she taps her feet to and fro. She changes to a nude shade pair of heels. With this, the camera also zooms in on the action. You can see that her toes are pained a pretty shade of pink, and she’s weakening delicate chain anklets on both legs. With both her feet up in the air, Riley looks directly at the camera, making eye contact with the viewers and giving a sly smile that is sure to make your hearts drop. Her sultry makeup look does her face so much justice as she pouts and stares into the camera lens when the camera zooms on her face.

She proceeds to take off the shoes and play with her bare feet. She wiggles her toes and arches her feet for the camera to capture every bit of her foot’s movement. This video has absolutely everything you need to watch a barefoot blond girl in action.

Model: Riley
Nail polish: Pink
Release date: 11.09.2021


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